Multiplicom Inc.

Multiplicom Inc.
Galileilaan 18
2845 Niel

Project Leader

Prof. Jurgen del Favero
Phone: +32 3 289 1404

Project Staff

Dr. Annelies Rothier
Research Manager
Phone: + 32 2 290 1402

Dr. Dirk Goossens
Research Manager Bioinformatics
Phone: + 32 2 290 1402

Lien Heyrman, M. Sc.
Research Scientist
Phone: + 32 2 290 1405

Djana Van Barel, B. Sc.
Lab technician
Phone: + 32 2 290 1405

Company Presentation

Multiplicom, Inc. ( is a privately held, innovative molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures, and distributes molecular diagnostic products that enable personalized medicine. Multiplicom is lead by a very experienced management team with extensive experience in developing and commercializing innovative medical technology products.

Multiplicom applies highly multiplexed PCR to develop assays that greatly enhance the overall efficiency and breadth of genetic testing for routine use, without the requirement for specific instrumentation. Multiplicom’s proprietary MultiplexerTM primer design algorithm enables highly reproducible simultaneous PCR amplification of up to 100 amplicons within a single, standard PCR reaction. Multiplicom’s MASTR assay (Multiplex Amplification of Specific Targets for Resequencing) are compatible with all commercially available massive parallel sequencing (MPS) platforms and allow simultaneous detection of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertion-deletion variants (indels) and copy number variants (CNVs). MASTR assays provide a simple, low cost approach to support the rapid development and widespread adoption of DNA re-sequencing, which is among the most rapidly growing segments of the clinical and diagnostic DNA sequencing market.

Multiplicom has several MASTR assays on the market for both congenital conditions (e.g. (Breast and ovarian cancer, for colon cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, cardiovascular diseases, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, see website for complete list) and for somatic mutations (e.g. GIST, KRAS/BRAF/NRAS, TP53,…).

Multiplicom’s MASTR products are used in more than 80 clinical diagnostic labs throughout Europe.

Expertise of key personnel

Prof. Jurgen Del-Favero – CTO: Scientific founder of the company with ample expertise in bioinformatics, nucleic acid based technology development and genetics/genomics of complex diseases
Dr. Dirk Goossens – Research Manager: Senior postdoc with ample expertise in bioinformatics, multiplex PCR assay design and customer support
Dr. Annelies Rotthier – Research Manager: Junior postdoc with ample expertise in multiplex PCR assay design and genetics/genomics of complex diseases
Lien Heyrman, M.Sc. – Research scientist: extensive expertise in optimizing and validating DNA based assays for clinical diagnostic applications
Djana Van Barel, B.Sc. – Lab Technician: extensive expertise in large scale production of DNA based assays for clinical diagnostic applications

Infrastructure and technology

Multiplicom has 250 m2 of operational lab space with state of the art equipment and technology related to the optimization and production of genetic assays. Multiplicom has access to all current bench top massively parallel sequencing equipment. Multiplicom is in the process to obtain ISO certification to perfect the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.