INSERM - Institute of Biology Valrose

INSERM - Institute of Biology Valrose
Parc Valrose
06108 Nice

Project Leader

Dr. Andreas Schedl
Phone: + 33 49 207 6401
Fax: + 33 49 207 6402

Project Staff

Dr. Valerie Vidal
Research scientist

Fariba Ranc
Research Ingenieur

Institute Presentation

The iBV is an international research institute renowned for its basic research in developmental biology, cell biology, signaling and cancer. At present the institute houses 18 research groups with a total of 240 staff working on a variety of model system to understand development and disease. Several of the teams have been honored by awards from CNRS (ATIP, CNRS medals), INSERM (Avenir) EMBO Young Investigator Program, HFSP and the French Academy of Sciences. The Institute hosted the InterDec EU-funded Marie-Curie Early Stage Training Program (from 2004-2009) and was recently (2012) awarded the prestigious ‘Laboratory of Excellence’ LABEX grant. iBV is fully supported by the University of Nice and the two main French biology research agencies (INSERM and CNRS) and hosts a range of core facilities including an advanced imaging platform, transgenic facility, L3 laboratory and cytometry facilities.

Dr. Andreas Schedl is group leader at the iBV, University Nice-Sophia Antipolis, where he directs a program to understand urogenital development and function. He has a particular interest in the transcriptional regulation and signalling processes during kidney development and his group has generated several mouse models for human renal disease (Hammes et al., Cell 2001; Guo et al., Hum. Mol. Genet. 2002; Wagner et al., Curr. Biol. 2006). Andreas Schedl is an expert in genetic manipulation of the mammalian genome and the analysis of mouse mutants. He has pioneered the generation of transgenic animals using large pieces of DNA (Schedl et al., 1993 Nature) and has applied this technology to a variety of developmental problems (Schedl et al., 1996 Cell; Moore et al., 1999 Development; Vidal et al., 2001 Nature Genetics). For his work he has received several awards including the INSERM Avenir award, Leverhulme Prize, the EMBO YIP award and the French Renal Society award. The Nice team is well placed to study and interpret normal and abnormal development of the mouse metanephros.