Genomatix Software GmbH

Genomatix Software GmbH
Bayerstr. 85a
80335 Munich

Project Leader

Prof. Thomas Werner

Project Staff

Company Presentation

Genomatix Software GmbH was founded in 1997. The headquarters are in Munich with a subsidiary in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and sales representation in Japan. Around 36,000 researchers worldwide use Genomatix software. Genomatix combines sequence analysis, functional promoter analysis, proprietary genome annotation, promoter sequence databases, comparative genomics, scientific literature data mining, pathway databases, biological network databases, pathway analysis, network analysis, and expression profiling into working solutions and pipelines with a unique new development for HAT-data-based automatic network buliding and stratification.

The existing development of a complete NGS data analysis pipeline will be complemented with special emphasis on automatic relevance filtering of data and NGS-based direct automatic patient stratification. Next to the result database and access interface this will be a major contribution to the project.