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Prof. Dario Neri
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Project Staff

Dr. Giulio Nanni

Dr. Camilla Bacci
Head of Production

Dr. Chiara Falciani
Coordinator of European Projects - Head Office


Company Presentation

Philogen S.p.A. is a Swiss-Italian integrated biotechnology company founded in 1996 by the brothers Dario, Duccio, and Giovanni Neri, with the initial mission to develop a novel class of armed antibodies as pharmaceutical products. Philogen has approximately 50 employees.
Philogen focuses on the development of new biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of angiogenesis-related disorders. Angiogenesis, i.e. the formation of new blood vessels, is a characteristic feature of many severe pathological conditions, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and age-related macular degeneration. The company has been a pioneer in the isolation, engineering and clinical development of antibodies capable of targeting angiogenesis in vivo and has been the first in the world to demonstrate that human monoclonal antibodies, specific for a marker of angiogenesis, can efficiently and selectively target the tumor neo-vasculature both in animal models and in cancer patients. At present, Philogen has four promising anti-cancer antibody derivatives and an antibody-derivative for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in clinical studies.
To meet the need for better means of diagnosis and to explore opportunities of antibody-based biologics as therapeutic agents of rare renal disease, Philogen has joined as SME the EURenOmics consortium. Its proprietary technologies permit the rapid isolation of human and mouse monoclonal antibodies from large combinatorial libraries. Furthermore, Philogen is leader in developing novel classes of armed antibodies as pharmaceutical products. Both companies will ensure that EURenOmics has access to cutting-edge antibody technology for the development of preventive or therapeutic personalized interventions.

Philogen’s principle investigator in this project is Dario Neri. He has been a Professor at the ETH Zurich since 1996. The research of the group Neri focuses on the engineering of therapeutic antibodies for the therapy of cancer and other angiogenesis-related disorders. Other research activities include the chemical proteomic discovery of novel vascular markers of pathology and the development of DNA-encoded chemical libraries. Dario Neri is a co-founder of Philogen and Philochem. These companies have brought seven antibody-based products into multicenter clinical trials in patients with cancer.
Dario Neri has published over 160 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is the recipient of the ISOBM Abbott Prize 2000, of the Amgen-Dompe’ Biotec Award 2000, of the Mangia d’Oro 2001, of the Prous Award 2006 of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry, of the Robert-Wenner-Prize 2007 of the Swiss Cancer League and of the SWISS BRIDGE Award 2008.

Philogen’s role in the EURenOmics project will focus on the production of antibodies. Antibodies are essential diagnostic reagents and have emerged in recently years as important and powerful therapeutics, such as for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory conditions.
The Company has its own GMP Production Facility, which holds a permit for the production of clinical-grade therapeutic proteins for investigational clinical trials.