INSERM U1048 (Toulouse)

INSERM Unit 1048
1 Avenue J. Poulhes
31432 Toulouse

Project Leader

Dr. Joost P. Schanstra
Phone: + 33 5 3122 4078
Fax: + 33 5 6132 5622

Project Staff

Stéphane Decramer, M.D.
Pediatric nephrologist, lead clinician

Jean-Loup Bascands
Director of Research Inserm

Institute Presentation

The Inserm U1048 laboratory, located in Toulouse-France, is recognized for its expertise in the discovery of urinary biomarkers of renal disease and fibrosis. The laboratory manages two large French clinical projects: i) one on the validation of urinary biomarkers in obstructive nephropathy in newborns including >10 French centres and ii) one on the discovery and validation of biomarkers in amniotic fluid in rare developmental nephropathies including >15 French centres. The laboratory holds a urinary biobank of approximately 2000 paediatric patients with renal diseases and 300 adult liver transplant patients and is currently constituting a amniotic-fluid biobank of  >200 of patients with CAKUT that will be completed by the end of 2012. This amniotic-fluid biobank of CAKUT patients will be shared with EURenOmics.

The team of INSERM Unit 1048 in Toulouse.
The team of INSERM Unit 1048 in Toulouse.