Analysis Platform

Members of the EURenOmics consortium do have access to a dedicated analysis platform based on the Genomatix Software Suite. This platform allows the analysis of omics data (e.g. ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq) with the full suite of tools available, including ChIP-Seq clustering, differential RNA-Expression analysis, target identification, pathway and network mining, visualization in a genome browser and many more.

Data generated within the consortium will be added to the underlying database to provide in-depth insights into the molecular mechanisms of rare renal diseases.

To use the platform, consortium members can request an account from eurenomics(at)

Data needs to be uploaded in BAM, BED or BigBed format to the EURenOmics data repository.

To help to get started, you can find three short analysis examples below.

Example 1 - Browsing human pathways (direct link)

Example 2 - Pathway/network analysis of a set of genes (direct link)

Example 3 - Finding common binding sites in orthologous promoters (direct link)