INSERM U983 (Hôpital Necker, Paris)


Hôpital Necker

Project Leader

Prof. Corinne Antignac
Leader of WP2

Project Staff

Dr Cécile Jeanpierre, PhD
Researcher (CAKUT)

Dr Olivia Boyer MD, PhD
Associate Professor (Clinics)

Dr Géraldine Mollet, PhD
Post doc (Animal models and drug screening)

Olivier Gribouval
Research Engineer (Genomics)

Christelle Arrondel
Research Engineer (Animal models and drug screening)

Institute Presentation

INSERM U983 is part of the Imagine Institute (Institute of Genetic Diseases) at the Necker campus in Paris. INSERM U983 research groups have acquired a wide experience in the identification of genes involved in rare hereditary renal diseases (including the NPHS2 gene encoding podocin), the characterization of the proteins encoded by these genes (with the generation of key animal models) and the establishment of genotype-phenotype correlations. Thanks to longstanding collaborations with nephrologists around the world, they have been able to gather unique groups of well-characterized patients with hereditary kidney diseases.

The campus is well-equipped with core facilities including a biobank, centralized animal facilities capable of housing 25,000 mice (and zebrafish from 2013), cell and molecular imaging, the Imagine Genomics core facility (equipped with 2 5500 Solid and 1 Ion Torrent PGM sequencers (Life technologies), an Affymetrix platform) and the Paris Descartes University Bioinformatic Core Facility which has large experience in analysing high throughput sequencing data.